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Feel the Power of Purity

Feel the Power of Purity

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Experience the power of conscious and ethical beauty that not only enhances your personal identity, but also delivers real value to the world through our commitment to social responsibility.

Our organic skincare line sets the bar higher with a potent blend of nature's finest ingredients and cutting-edge liposome technology, cold-press process and clinical validation, delivering the purest and authentic glow with every use.


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It’s a watery, lightweight toner that just makes your skin so hydrated and moisturized at the same time. I do a couple layers of this morning and night and my skin glows! Works well with all my other products and I found no irritation with this toner.

Vishalli A. (United States)Verified Customer

What a game changer. I always struggle to find the right cleanser for my skin, because most of them tend to leave me too dry, which then I would have to find an appropriate lotion to recover and hydrate my skin after. All in all - hassle. BUT I’ve started using this cleanser for few weeks now and my skin felt completely moisturized and hydrated. I think the salicylic acid that is in the ingredient also helps it to feel refreshing after the cleansing! I also purchased pH Balance Calming Toner & Authentic Barrier Cream Balm to apply after and they leave me with the most cleansed and hydrated skin. Amazing products and highly recommended.

John L. (United States)Verified Customer

So far so good! I have been using this consistently for a week. I have tried quite a few moisturizers, my favorite was the CeraVe, but I have been on a journey to using cleaner products, as well as products that don't test on animals. While searching, I came across PURE'AM. I have very sensitive and dry skin. But I found lots of good reviews, so I felt confident in trying this out. I did my current cleansing routine as normal, and put this on after while my face is slightly wet. It immediately felt hydrating, very silky. It is a thicker cream, but that's what I prefer. After using this for a week, I haven't broken out, no dry patches, no issues at all. I wish this came in a giant tub to use for body lotion, but I'll settle with the tube. Lol. Will DEFINETLY be repurchasing this!!

McKenzie G. (United States)Verified Customer

Perfect for acne-prone skin! It’s hard to find a perfect cleanser for acne-prone skin, but this is the perfect one! And after washing, I feel silky face and I love it! Its smell so great, reminds me hot-spring in Japan. Very relaxing! My boyfriend also loves it. Strongly recommend!! :)

Janice J. (United States)Verified Customer

Legit Amazing! I’ve been using this oil serum almost a month and love it so much! I wear it at night and my skin is so soft and glowing the next day. It has brighten my dull skin tone and smooth out my skin texture. I’ve tried many Squalane oil products but this is the best of the best!

Julian D. (United States)Verified Customer

I've finally found my new holy grail product for my acne-prone, sensitive, combination skin! This amazing balm has been a game-changer in repairing my damaged skin barrier. It provides the perfect balance of hydration without leaving my skin feeling greasy.

Isadora (Canada)Verified Customer

Silky Smooth! Such a soft oil that soaks up beautifully into the skin. A real pleasure to use. Layering with the essence and cream underneath really gives you a plump, glowy face in the morning.

Erika M. (Canada)Verified Customer

My holy grail and go to! I used to be a big Sephora girl always trying new skincare things and nothing every worked. Once I started using the barrier cream and the toner my routine has changed to everything PURE'AM and my skin has never looked better! The cream is lightweight but SUPER hydrating and especially great during the winter! Also they gave me a freebie w/ a handwritten note because I keep consistently buying their products! Such a great and thoughtful small business to support! Do yourself a favor and get the cream and the toner!

Alyssa (United States)Verified Customer

Like butter! It literally melts into your skin and actually hydrates it instead of just sitting on the surface. I have been using it for about two months and it has taken care of the dry, rough patches of skin around my nose and mouth and hasn’t broken my face out once. I love this stuff and will continue to use it for as long as it’s sold.

Erin C. (United States)Verified Customer

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